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Touch screen monitors improve your interactivity with your PC system. A single touch will allows you to listen to songs in your music library, watch movies, access your photos, edit your files / documents and browse the Internet.

Touch screen monitors are beneficial for Education & Presentation purposes, Home Entertainment Systems, Learning Disabilities and Interactive Display Kiosks.

Combining a desktop touch screen monitor with an ergonomically designed desk mount allows you to combine your PC and workspace within your living area. Allowing you to sit in comfort, have your hands free for other tasks and aiding disabilities. Ideal for multi user environments.

Our large format touch screen monitors combine with a fixed or adjustable wall mount create a centrepiece for your Training room, School, University, Office, entertainment centre or as a main feature in your living rooms. They are also capable of receiving HDMI, SCART and composite pictures. (Check model specifications for more details)

Conference Facilities

Large format Touch screen LCD's and Floor mounts allow you to create a centre piece for you training and conference facilities. It provides the presenter with a fully interactve display to showcase their information.

Conference Photo
A Large format Touch screen LCD and Trolley would be ideal in a Reception area or multi purpose function room which is continually moved or re-arranged.



Touch screen monitors increases audience participation and in turn increases peoples attention spans and information taken in. It is a much more fun and interactive way of teaching kids and adults.
Touch Screens can also be used as kiosk points to access site information, maps, facilities, news, used to communicate or to access other networked information.

Learning Disabilities

Touch screen monitors help aid Learning Disability and Special Needs using the Computer, people who find using a mouse difficult or with arthritis can use the screen to interact. With specialist software tailored to their needs, allowing them a more beneficial way of learning, developing and communicating.
Our ergonomic wall and desk mounts allow users to adjust the screens horizontal and vertival position to their requirements, ideal for people with posture problems, in wheelchairs, autistic, arthritis and people who find it hard to manoeuvre around desks.
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Home Entertainment

Touch screen monitors are ideal for Home entertainment. Touch screens of all sizes can be used as media systems, quickly accessing all your music and movies stored on your PC, accessing the Internet, Google, email, YouTube, iPlayer and online On-Demand services.

Screens can also be used to watch TV or play games consoles, we recommend combining with an AV Receiver, making it easy to switch between input channels and giving you surround sound (check HDMI DVI & VGA compatibility).

Like any other PC you can also connect your tablet / i-Pad / SMART Phone with the necessary apps.

We also supply the necessary floor stands and wall mount to position your monitor in your home.


Interactive Display Kiosks

We also specialise in Interactive Displays / Touch Kiosks, ranging from 12”-82” Touch screen monitors. Ideally suited for public places like Museums, Schools, Airports, Shopping Complex’s and Libraries. Allowing you to interactively communicate with your audience on directions, facilities, useful information and marketing / advertising.

Cassini Touch Screen

Cassini Touchscreen
NMM Museum, London




Touch screen technology allows you faster interaction with you PC and applications giving a unique and more satisfying experience. Ideal for high level applications, presentations or audience participation. We supply CTX, ELO, iiyama, Samsung and NEC touch screen monitors.

ELO 1519L
iiyama T1531SR
ELO 1517L

Desktop touch screen monitors

We supply desktop touch screen monitors from 12”-26”

3M M170
ELO 1919L

Large Format Touch Screen LCD's

Large format touch screen LCD’s from 30”-82”

iiymam TH4264MIS
Clevertouch LED 46
ELO 4201L
Hitachi HIT-FHD6500

Open frame chassis

Touch screen chassis for kiosks or built in units

ELO 1938L ELO 1247L 3M CT150 ELO 1739L 3M CT170


Electronic Point of Sale Touch screens for Retail, ideal for shops, public venues and takeaways, optinal cash draws, barcode scanners and receipt printers

ELO 15E1 PioneerPOS Stealth-M5 PioneerPOS S-Line ELO 17D1

Touch Tablets

NEW Range of Touch screen tablets ideal for Home, School and Corporate

Hannspree SN1AT71BEE ELO ETT10A1 Hannspree SN1AT71WEE


Floor standing Touch screen Kiosk ideal for public facing environments, ideal for Library's, Schools and Ticketing POS



Desk arm mounts

Our monitor arms are ergonomically designed which can be universally adjusted to suit any application, allowing you greater comfort and ease of use. The use of this equipment has definite advantages in terms of health and safety, as well as offering a high degree of comfort to the user, multiple working environments, and as an aid to disabled users. We supply Ergotron and Peerless monitor arms.

Ergotron LX Monitor Stand
Peerless LCT101
Peerless LCH-100G
Peerless LCT-A1B2C
Peerless LCT-A1B1C
Ergotron MX Monitor Stand

Wall mounts

We supply fix and adjustable wall mounts for you touch screen monitor whether large or small format screen. We supply Ergotron and Peerless wall mounts.

Peerless SA771PU Erfotron Neo-Flex
Ergotron LX Wall Mount
Chief FWSV Black Peerless PF640

Floor Stands

We supply a range of Floor Stands and Trolleys for 20" - 70" Large format Touch Screen's and LCD's. We supply Peerless, B-Tech and Chief Floor Stand and Trolleys. Ideal for Training rooms, Conference facilities or Education Institutions.

B-Tech 8504 Black Chief MFCUB Silver B-Tech 7504 Silver Peerless SS550P Black Peerless FPZ-670


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Cassini Touch Screen
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Cassini Touch Screen




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